One definition is those who walk the way with you. More specifically and correctly it refers to the monks and lay people, male and female who follow the Buddha’s teaching, who may come together in ¬†Buddhist communities. I’m using it in the broader way. We walk our way together straight – fabulous Sangha sisters.


The next day after the gathering for the Kwan Yin festival we went for a walk in the hills. Selfies were done. Then, a walk in the hills complete with a picnic lunch on the Thompson River.


From Kamloops, from Vancouver and from the wee house. Converging to celebrate the festival and be grateful. Pretty good.




Fierce Knitter

Ah Ruth;
Its all because of you, you know. You got me started on this knitting thing…
(All photos by Ruth Scott, a woman of much creativity.And generosity too. I don’t know how many people Ruth has taught – lets just say many people have been pointed in many ways over the years.)
The hat is Sheep Heid, by Kate Davies.

Gorgeous. And thank you Ruth for letting me post this.