Sunshine just told me that Oon means “wool” in Hindi. Seems a suitable name for this little sweet faced toy from the gift exchange at the spinning retreat.

Desert Mesa Spinning retreat in Cache Creek was great fun. Lots of congenial company, knowledgeable spinners, and laughter. Bill did a minor adjustment to my wheel. (He gave it an experienced “whack” and corrected something that has been a bother for months. Bless him!) Participants from all over the province, a very supportive atmosphere. Spring and fall events to anticipate. ┬áRural life is proving very interesting indeed.



Barb sent this the other day. (Cross posted on Facebook so some repetition) The sentiment is appreciated.



Boundary Bay Birds


I went to a park new to me, armed with the camera in the fog. This is another gem easily accessed from Vancouver, it may be a new regular stop. There are many kilometres of walking trails and it was very peaceful there this morning. Pictured is a juvenile eagle.


Because I was in the area anyhow, I swung by the Riefal Bird Sanctuary. The yearly membership is really inexpensive, and it means even if tired and a long walk is out, one can pop in and see who is hanging around.

While there I picked up a book, a natural history of British Columbia, which may increase the chances of my knowing what I am talking about when I go on about what I have photographed! It looks interesting.


Adapting to conditions? The wily Harlequin Duck, trying to pass himself off as a red winged blackbird at the small bird feeder. Goofball.


And here is the obligatory craft shot – woven twill, with leftover sock yarn weft, and some leftover plain weave hand spun cotton – both made into bags. One is my new knitting bag, the smaller will be used for carrying books perhaps. I didn’t do the cross stitch piece on the front of the small bag, my friend Ruth did that many years ago, its beautiful fine work.