And back to our previous programming…


This was a shot from the car as I drove to Lillooet this morning. I was in search of some native plants to put in the yard, and Splitrock Environmental was the destination. I was delighted to pick up a wild rose, a saskatoon bush, and a mock orange as shrubs, and some arrow leaf balsam root flowers which will hopefully still bloom for me. I added a nodding onion as well, as the very helpful woman at the nursery had me smell and taste it – like chives but grows wild here. ¬†This city girl got it finally, as I puttered in the yard this afternoon. As I dug I could hear hummingbirds flitting around, and at one point the sharp chatter of an eagle. A neighbour came by and we chatted, and someone I know drove by and hollered from his truck. This ain’t the big city anymore.


This was taken on a walk yesterday on the west side of the river. Not sure of the age of this cabin, but there are ruins from a Chinese railway settlement just near here that date from around the 1880’s.

There are some fierce moments that happen here. My heart’s companion is with me somehow. Big as the wide sky.

(I drove very carefully to Lillooet, watching for deer. There were several and several mountain sheep too. Some muttering under the breath may have occurred. )

Knitting? Oh, I will get to that someday.




Rural traffic congestion. Or, I love my car.


This is an admittedly odd photo. I have referenced the invincible car in previous posts, and for good reason. What you see there are hairs from a deer. A deer that made very close eye contact with me as we, shall we say, connected on the highway. I imagine the look I was giving him or her through my window was identical to the wide eyed “Oh crap” look the deer was giving me.

Now, before anyone gives me a hard time about being a city girl driving in the country, this was one of those situations that is hard to predict. As I whizzed along the highway, singing along with Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody if I am not mistaken, four deer, running at full tilt blew over a steep embankment, freaked out and ran in several directions. Despite good brakes one collided with a good thud on the side of the car.

I am not being paid by Subaru, but I gotta tell you. I love this car. A munched mirror, a couple of dents, and the deer got up, shook him/herself and ran away, unhurt as far as I could tell.

And yes, oh yes, I am so very glad I meditate! I am so very, very grateful that what could have been a very serious incident was not. I offer gratitude for things that are well made, for the sheer good luck that sometimes happens, and for the kindness of the insurance guy, who was called from the side of the road.

I’m fine, and isn’t it interesting that now that the dust has settled somewhat, the tendency to focus on the hassle, rather than the gratitude wants to arise. Things to sit with.

More pictures of mountains to follow I expect. Oh and perhaps a knitted project too, just to live up to the name of the blog. We’ll see.