Maybe there will be knitting this winter…


The wee trailer has been put to bed, up on jacks and tidied up. Its rained here a few days, and one can feel the shift of the season. Several friends and I, just joking of course, but not really, are making plans for the “December Project” – ways to be in touch and support one another, especially those of us not in the fray of that holiday, (you know the one) that looms. There are many of us who try to avoid partaking of the madness, but its difficult to avoid. This year, some of us have a half baked idea that we will band together to mitigate it, just a bit.

But of course, it is still September. Yesterday was one of those days, bright and clear. A good friend and I went up Seymour Mountain. Half an hour away from the city, with views that go forever. We hatched the “December Project” overlooking the mountains and water.



2 thoughts on “Maybe there will be knitting this winter…

  1. mugo September 23, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    And I thought we had great mountains but nothing like these BC lovelies. December revolt? How charming

    • warpandwoofknitting September 24, 2016 / 3:00 pm

      Hi Rev. Mugo; Clumps of single, middle aged women, waving little torches- that’s the image my friend and I came up with. I like it! Thank you, as always for you encouragement. Bows and bows; Michele

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