July as Adventure

By a fluke of timing I have had the luck to explore, in short trips, some wondrous places this month.

Grant logged up here many years ago, so I was curious to see it. As it turns out, over forty years ago we did a family trip up this same inlet. I remember aspects of it clearly, others not so much. The impact of the mountains remained.

Princess Louisa Inlet on the Sunshine Coast.





The guide on the boat¬†told us that the age of this image was debated with the First Nations Elders – 500 ¬†years or many more – it isn’t definitively known.



Images of logged areas in rugged terrain.

This beautiful place. Forty years since my last visit. The mountains take no notice.




Up High

En-route to my friend’s place I hung out here. Skihist Provincial park day use area. High above the Thompson River in the Fraser Canyon.

The next day, the “invincible” car took me high above the Botanie Valley. The wildflowers were peaking I think. I watched a Barred Owl and a Red Tailed Hawk squabble after what looked like a surprise encounter. It was brief and noisy and ended with both birds flying in opposite directions each calling loudly. This right above my head essentially. 

It was difficult to heed my sore feet and stop walking. 

Thanks for letting me park the tin can in your yard Victor.