Return of the Wild White Geese

It was a total fluke. A bit of clearing after days of rain made the bird sanctuary a good idea. Walking, I  could hear the commotion of many, many bird voices growing louder and louder. Coming round the outermost boundary of the sanctuary, where Westham Island opens up into water and sky I got to see wave after wave of v- formations, the snow geese coming to land. Whenever I thought “ok, that’s all” another group would arrive from another direction. Some groups were small, just a few birds. Some groups must have been over one or two hundred, gliding along together. I don’t know what triggered the whole mass of birds to arise  as one, shouting loudly but they did this too, at least twice or three times. The Cooper’s hawk flying nonchalantly about, looking for small creatures didn’t seem to be the cause but who knows. To see them arrive, so many hundreds arriving at the same time and place- I couldn’t have planned it. Such luck.

  That line of white is all my camera could see. In person- rather wonderful.
Signs of autumn on the lower mainland. 

  It is a beautiful place this.
  On the way home it seemed fitting to buy some squashes!