Food Offerings and Memories



The line ups for the food offerings went all around Second Beach.

Every year for the past few, I’ve been invited to the Chariot Festival by Sunshine’s family. Its a big festival for Hindu practitioners, and here in Vancouver two distinct groups are seen side by side. One of the groups is Krishna devotees, associated with ISKON and it seems people have come from all over the world to attend. The other group seems to be mostly South Asian Hindu, and the two groups seem to co-exist alright. I honestly don’t know how much overlap there is with these two groups, but the day seems to work. There is a parade, a deity is installed on a large altar and there are joyful chants in Sanskrit. Its a load of fun, loud and colourful, with music and dancing and faith. As I amble along looking at the riot of colour around me I hear many languages, including the the voice of the odd tourist who has come to Stanley Park to see it and by happenstance finds himself in the line for the food offering. It’s just great.

This woman held the crowd speechless. Indian classical dance that transcended language. I got a shot of her head dress, isn’t it amazing work?


Watching all the people dancing and singing with the kirtan a memory flooded my mind. Me and Grant at the Folk Festival at Jericho Beach a number of years ago. We were caught up in the music, and the two of us, a bit uptight, (well me anyhow) danced out in the open air. We briefly forget how we looked, and just danced – remembering how to move our bodies to the rhythm of live music, dancing in our own little bubble within a large happy crowd.

Sunshine and I went for a meal together last week, a special outing for the two of us. We talked about Grant and remembered. Sunshine is off on her next step soon. There is a lot going on this summer.

2 thoughts on “Food Offerings and Memories

  1. Sunshine August 12, 2015 / 3:33 pm

    Awwwww 😭

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