There has been an enormous amount of shifting, rearranging, donating and giving away of clothing in this house over the past year.

Some items, its easy. The woollen vest went to just the right person. Some t- shirts found their best home immediately – honey badger shirt Sunshine? It makes me smile every time I think of it worn. It will wear out eventually – but the stuff that doesn’t fit anyone, what to do with it? A lot went to charity. Some has been just quietly waiting for inspiration.

This cycling rain jacket is one of the ones that wanted to stay around. I wore it a few times, but the arms went practically to my knees and it looked a wee bit odd on. Still, its old, well worn, even patched in a couple of places. It was well cared for.

It rained this morning and I had a fairly obvious brain flash. I do have rudimentary skills after all. I hauled out the sewing machine and shortened the sleeves.I removed the cuffs and then tapered the sleeve a bit. It took a bit of brain power given I haven’t done this before, and I ended up having to baste the cuff onto the sleeve to maneuver it around to stitch it. The cuffs won’t be very waterproof after all this, but it doesn’t look so clearly ill fitting anymore, and will go on for more use – by me. It will wear out, and is on its way. But it isn’t ready to be lost in the shuffle in those charity drop off boxes quite yet. I am glad of it.


The scarf at the top is the wet finished weaving that was started months ago, and worked on fitfully after that. All washed and hemmed now, and it softened considerably. It lingered all winter, a bit of weaving done a few minutes at a time over the last rainy season. I think I will keep it.

Utter Lunacy – or Knitting Socks in a Heat Wave


Its redundant to complain about the heat, everyone on the west side of the continent, and elsewhere has it too. Wildfires prompted a health advisory here, and the thought of all that loss to heat and flame is worrying. We did a ceremony out in Lytton, a ceremony offering compassion to all beings and specifically to the Chinese railroad workers who died all those years ago. 42 degrees celcius, imagine that. Believe it or not, it is possible to sit still, even when in robes and under the hot sun, sweat pouring, blinding the vision. Sit and chant, and offer whatever good comes from it to all who are in need, whenever, wherever.

No pictures of the ceremony on my part, which was an oversight as the altar was beautiful.


This is from two years ago – the ceremony is an annual event.

Knitting you ask? Where is the knitting?

Not too much of the woolly stuff going on. However, the Briggs and Little yarn from Nova Scotia was too tempting to resist. It smells so good, and gives one an excuse to just sit in the comfy chair, fans blowing, brain dulled, knitting row after row. Heavy duty hiking socks – crazy isn’t it? And yet, I will likely be complaining of the lack of sun in oh, four or five months, and relishing these squishy, comfy socks.

The heat did break a bit today – this is the view of the sea of cat tails out at Steveston. Actual ocean beyond.