Fierce Knitter

Ah Ruth;
Its all because of you, you know. You got me started on this knitting thing…
(All photos by Ruth Scott, a woman of much creativity.And generosity too. I don’t know how many people Ruth has taught – lets just say many people have been pointed in many ways over the years.)
The hat is Sheep Heid, by Kate Davies.

Gorgeous. And thank you Ruth for letting me post this.




Another fairly obvious metaphor…

The lovely local park was created over the old Vancouver landfill. Every once in a while one can spot steam venting from the ground or something like this emerges as reminder.

But look what grows here. From today’s amble.

Knitting! Good grief it is a knitting blog after all. Scarf based on a chart from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls. It’s a gift for a woman I don’t see often but when we do meet its as if no time has passed. This is a rare ease between two very different people. I hope it will warm the recipient.