Deep, Calm, Joyful


D and Y and Whisky, the luckiest dog in the world.

We have shared history, the bunch of us. With each other, with Grant. For many years. You know some friendships are just easy. Its like that – a kind of just being happy that each other exists, not dependent on time or circumstance. We are all a little bit that much older, that much more battle scarred if you want to call it that. It has made us a bit kinder over all, when it could have made us bitter.


To grieve a bit with one another is a gift. It helps all of us, a fine point that is easy to forget.

Mud Bay, in the warm breeze.


I never leave their home without a full heart and full hands. Y was baking today.

The Thousand Hands, in a Glass Shop

The car spent some time in the glass place today, which meant a wait and an opportunity for a good long walk. Fraser Street is not the first place one thinks of for an urban hike, at least this end of it. One either strolls past the plumbing shops or heads for the cemetery.

This photo, which I retouched for privacy’s sake gave me good pause for thought.
Look at the dates. (His: 1964. Hers: 2007. In case the photo can’t be read.)

That’s a lifetime’s difference.


This new set of clothing, this uncomfortable suit of widowhood, it scratches and pinches and does not fit just yet.


This one is a monument to a beloved wife and mother and was likely placed at the same time as the trees that shelter it. I read the inscriptions in the heavy rain as I waited for the car.


The thousand arms as depicted in this statue represent compassion. There are implements in each of the hands, and some statues depict each hand with an eye in the palm, showing that all is seen. Its a way of demonstrating the myriad ways we are all helped.

The car was picked up and the (significant) leak fixed for less than quoted. It immensely relieved this stressed mind, given the records we are setting for rainfall.

Knitting etc. to come.

(Photo of Avalokiteswara lifted from the internet, not sure which temple it is from.)