A Link if You are Interested

Our national radio service, the CBC has some truly excellent offerings. One program in particular always provides food for thought and is offered in podcast form. This is Tapestry, interviews about spirituality and faith hosted by Mary Hynes. Ms. Hynes is clear headed, intelligent and warm and the interviewees seem to have such a good experience being on the show.

The podcast episode I have linked has two topics, superficially different but linked in their way. The interviewees are Christian based but as a Buddhist I could relate just fine.

Get past the title of the episode (Spiritual Self, Meet Sexual Self- the titles must be chosen to grab the listener) – the topics are around spiritual memoir, and how the world views women who live a life of some kind of faith. You have to listen to go deeper.

I link this after an encounter that was, at its heart, somewhat misogynistic I think. An encounter that questioned spiritual worth, and one I decline to be a participant in. Sorry for the obscurity, but its just an old and tired storyline. An antidote is thoughtfully described by the minister in the second half of the interview.

No knitting today, still working on stuff. Its just that sometimes other people’s experience can prove heartening and confirming, so I thought I would provide the link to a very good series if anyone is interested.


This is a female Harlequin Duck from the bird sanctuary. Very beautiful subtle colours. It may be I am making a statement here!

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