Multi Shaft Weaving, No Shaft Weaving…

The second is a bit of a palate cleanse from the first.



The first: napkins for the dinner table, wonderful to me in that the sett worked, the pattern worked, the materials worked and there are no obvious blunders. A small improvement in skills, though much of multi- shaft weaving remains just out of my understanding. I blindly follow instructions here.

The second: odds and ends first spun into a four ply novelty yarn. The loom a picture frame, string and office supplies. The material likely to be made into small bags, (the extent of my primitive sewing skills, using suitably primitive fabric.) In a way weaving is a pretty expensive hobby, in another, well, use what you have. Fun.


I took the van for a run to Crescent Beach. Watched the birds and sat for a while.

New and Old Walks



Rice Lake, in the Lower Seymour Conservancy area. Another easily accessible park here. The sun came out, and the air had warmth. Its hard to see where the trees end and the reflection of the trees in the water begins. Part way through this morning’s walk, down by the Seymour River, a memory emerged of having been here – over twenty years ago, and not since. We swam in the pools down the trail. The things we think we forget.


Sunshine and I went to Brackendale on Saturday for the end of the Eagle Festival – this is the site of the annual eagle count. The count is down this year apparently. We saw nine, which was OK for a grey and rainy day.

And knitting – a riff on a Kiri shawl. I changed the edging because for whatever reason, attempting it as written kept the yarn turning on me. (Not a problem with the pattern, its fine, I think I had hit lace saturation, and a ruffle was the best alternative to yet more leaves.) Pretty, soft, no recipient yet.


(Sorry about the flipped photo, I seem to be unable to wrestle the editing into submission.)

A Link if You are Interested

Our national radio service, the CBC has some truly excellent offerings. One program in particular always provides food for thought and is offered in podcast form. This is Tapestry, interviews about spirituality and faith hosted by Mary Hynes. Ms. Hynes is clear headed, intelligent and warm and the interviewees seem to have such a good experience being on the show.

The podcast episode I have linked has two topics, superficially different but linked in their way. The interviewees are Christian based but as a Buddhist I could relate just fine.

Get past the title of the episode (Spiritual Self, Meet Sexual Self- the titles must be chosen to grab the listener) – the topics are around spiritual memoir, and how the world views women who live a life of some kind of faith. You have to listen to go deeper.

I link this after an encounter that was, at its heart, somewhat misogynistic I think. An encounter that questioned spiritual worth, and one I decline to be a participant in. Sorry for the obscurity, but its just an old and tired storyline. An antidote is thoughtfully described by the minister in the second half of the interview.

No knitting today, still working on stuff. Its just that sometimes other people’s experience can prove heartening and confirming, so I thought I would provide the link to a very good series if anyone is interested.


This is a female Harlequin Duck from the bird sanctuary. Very beautiful subtle colours. It may be I am making a statement here!

Boundary Bay Birds


I went to a park new to me, armed with the camera in the fog. This is another gem easily accessed from Vancouver, it may be a new regular stop. There are many kilometres of walking trails and it was very peaceful there this morning. Pictured is a juvenile eagle.


Because I was in the area anyhow, I swung by the Riefal Bird Sanctuary. The yearly membership is really inexpensive, and it means even if tired and a long walk is out, one can pop in and see who is hanging around.

While there I picked up a book, a natural history of British Columbia, which may increase the chances of my knowing what I am talking about when I go on about what I have photographed! It looks interesting.


Adapting to conditions? The wily Harlequin Duck, trying to pass himself off as a red winged blackbird at the small bird feeder. Goofball.


And here is the obligatory craft shot – woven twill, with leftover sock yarn weft, and some leftover plain weave hand spun cotton – both made into bags. One is my new knitting bag, the smaller will be used for carrying books perhaps. I didn’t do the cross stitch piece on the front of the small bag, my friend Ruth did that many years ago, its beautiful fine work.

Mustard Seed Story – Starbucks Version

At the big name coffee shop at the grocery store there is a barista. She has worked there for quite a while, some of the customers call her by name. She’s a bit older, and has a rather kind face, though you can see that life has touched her. She is consistently courteous and patient even when the lines up are long. When I was there this morning she asked each customer if they had a good holiday season. It was a bit busy so the answers were of the “oh yeah, fine variety.” On my turn, as I waited I asked her if she had a good holiday. She met my eyes, and we smiled at each other for a heartbeat or two. Then she kind of laughed and said “oh yeah, fine. But I am glad it’s over.”

In a small coffee shop one eavesdrops without meaning to. A few customers after me, as I sat and drank my americano, an obviously regular guy came in, he was one of the ones who knew her name. The barista asked him about his holiday season as well. He clearly just needed to talk – was at that stage of the game where one just needs to say it out loud. I heard a bit of it, how “she was on the floor for two days…she won’t be coming home they say…” and tellingly: “its all I can think about right now.”

Just another rainy day at the coffee shop. So – try to find a household where grief has not been felt, where sorrow has not landed, where being human is not a mix of joy and pain. Kind of gives one perspective.



Sweater done, and fits. And the snow on the mountains around Lynn Creek the other day – just beautiful.