Lightly Held, on the Longest Night


When the meditation group meets here we will offer incense before this statue. Lightly held – note the ease of the hands.

The days will have progressively more light now.


There is sufficient winter ahead to wear this once its finished. Its a gorgeous yarn, this lett-lopi. The pattern is Riddari, from Lopi 28. The model wearing the sweater is male, but this is a design for anyone. The yarn is a bit lighter than the plain lopi, and it knits up wonderfully, with lots of air, in a reasonably loose single. The colours are utterly lovely, especially that lichen green of the main body. With diligence this will be done by around that day on the 25th. Maybe blocked and worn shortly after. (Mind you, it is not good to tempt the knitting gods with hubris.Think humility oh knitter.)