The Biker Grin

Bikers are a diverse lot. There is one thing they all share however. The fierce joy of the ride. I remember this from when I had my bike too – there is an exhilaration that is not felt within the confines of a vehicle. Wind in your face, bugs in your teeth, all the cliché’s.

The bike went last week. Thank you to P who rode it to its new home, and to D for taking it in the spirit of excitement. Ride in good health!

(A favourite memory – hearing the gleeful laugh of the man in front when we roared through the tunnel under the Fraser River, the engine reverberating off the walls. He always gunned it to make it really loud.)



Knitting. Annoyance. Same dye lot, same yarn, same numbers on the ball band. Two very different socks.
Sometimes even boring vanilla socks bring a bit of a surprise. Sigh.


Keeping My Hand In…

Blogging hasn’t been a priority. I gave some thought to giving it up, but decided that it has held a lot of pleasure over the last couple of years. Where else can one post pictures of knitting or weaving and have people say nice things? Or for that matter, what a good medium for being in contact with others when one is not a Facebook type.

So, just to keep the old blog alive for a while, till the mojo returns…


From a hike with Sunshine today. No idea what kind of mushroom this might be, just thought it was a very fine looking thing.


The hearty hiker herself. Iona Beach, mostly deserted – what a treat. We had a really good walk, the tide was out and the breeze was gentle.


In many places these guys have left for southern climes. We have a population that stays year round. The cats and I watch every morning with the morning cuppa – I can say with some certainty that we are now getting “regulars”, the individual birds are starting to be noted with their characteristics. Fun to observe.

Some fibres are asking to be spun, and some knitting is coming to hand. Hopefully some projects to show in coming weeks.