More From the Golf Course…

Who needs to head out into the wilderness to have encounters? We hear packs of these guys in our green space, these wild urban dwellers. The lost cat posters seen in the neighbourhood are a testament to the adaptability of the coyote. These are creatures to be admired – like the urban eagles and hawks that live in the park near us they seem to have established a way to live here. It’s an uncomfortable collision between worlds at times – but this fellow seems to have a system worked out. Some poor old mouse in the grass is not so lucky.


Two ounces of cashmere, one in cloud form, and one as raw fleece became first this:


then this:


The raw fleece washed up into a much lighter, and much less “goaty” smelling fibre. Both spun up a bit slubby but as a two ply a lot of the flaws were absorbed into the yarn. There were a lot of guard hairs in the raw fleece as well, and even now as the gloves are worn hairs poke out to be removed. It’s OK, the gloves are incredibly light and soft, I just reserve the right to maybe only use the processed fleece in the future. These gloves are incredibly warm – made just in time to be stored for cool weather. Very basic pattern, essentially a tube with a thumb stuck in it.

Next project, carding up some washed Polwarth locks, just expanding the skill set bit by bit.


This is more rustic yarn in the making – this wasn’t a top quality bag of fleece and there are a fair number of short bits and hunks of vegi matter, but hopefully some carding skills will be improved. Rustic yarn is kind of fun anyhow.