Awesome Moustache Man!

This from the absolutely wasted guy we met on the trail to Nairn Falls. Pretty par for the course in provincial campgrounds, party central, one reason we prefer a bit more out of the way sites. But this guy was just so happy, reeking of weed and swinging his beer around…just too funny!

The video was taken on awkward footing by a somewhat awkward camerawoman. Just a taste hopefully of the potholes carved through the narrow river canyon which created this series of falls. An impressive place.

The Gift of Time

A person has returned to our life from about a decade ago. No big story here, just someone who was a colleague and who moved on. A kind and skilled person, one who evokes a smile when remembered: “Oh yes, she was good to work with.” In recent weeks this person has offered her time. She has accompanied us to certain appointments, offered her considerable skills and presence. While we were on the road this was knitted with her in mind.

photoIt is fairly basic, based on a free pattern on Ravelry, called “I am Biased” though really it is more of a suggestion than a pattern, because it was pretty clearly straight from a stitch dictionary. But the pattern helped in the planning process so I want to acknowledge that. The yarn is handspun, which took a bit of time. And then knit, for several hours total – it gets a bit gruelling doing the same thing over and over on a piece this size, but perfect for travel. The colours are subtle, and meant to reflect deep forest. (Dyed by another, label long gone. Keeping the little tags is apparently not a priority. Too bad, this was good work.) It’s alpaca and silk, and I think the recipient may like that. The idea was to try to say thank you for the gift of time, in the form of a gift of time.

IMG_2234We saw much more than bears and moose on this last trip. What a wonder it was to travel in early spring. The bird life was amazing. All sorts of flying creatures were pairing off, squabbling and noisily finding places to nest and those with young swooping and feeding them. We were serenaded multiple times by pairs of loons. The only time they quit calling was whenever I went out, phone in hand, to try to record them.  Some things we cannot capture and maybe the calls of the loons on deserted northern lakes is just one of them.


Settling in for a Day or Two

It’s nice to hunker down for a day or two when on the road. Makes a change from packing and unpacking, even with our little systems of organization in place. Dear friends offer the use of their remote cabin. This is the view from the deck.


We have explored quite a number of rec sites, for the most part we were completely on our own. Now that the long weekend is upon us the best way to avoid humanity is to head for these hills.


A small bouquet from a good companion.

Piece of Cake!

When the road is dry and the sun is out. The fog definitely helped as our route down the hill was in bucketing rain. 4000 foot drops – incredible.


When we got to the top Grant said “I guess that’s the last of the grizzlies”. We saw two large adult males in the Bella Coola valley and that was pretty impressive. However we rounded the corner and there she was. The most blas√© grizzly bear I have ever seen. Definitely female, slim and smaller than the males, without the pronounced shoulder hump. We stopped- she was standing looking at us, then she lay down, put her head on her crossed paws, (honestly!) and started to pull the fresh green grass. We finally left her there content in the warm sun.



Sushi in Bella Coola

Ok, as I don’t seem to be able to effectively add links from on the road I encourage you to google “The Hill near Bella Coola”. The Hill is actually in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park but Wikipedia obliges if you google the above. I have been nervous on roads before- this one tipped me over into scared. The pea soup fog helped as we couldn’t actually see just how sheer the cliffs were but still. I empathize with those who, having driven this way, refuse to return that route and have to be flown or boated out. We will drive and I shall think about it tomorrow!
But Bella Coola is stunning. Phone pics just don’t cut it here.




The sushi at the hotel was might fine too.
Just to note: we have seen countless deer, a couple of black bear, caribou, mountain sheep, an osprey catch it’s prey right in front of us, eagles, loons ( and listened to their mournful calls) and countless other birds. A fine retreat this is.