Alberta Gumbo

or: Welcome to Wide Sky Country
(or: waiting on a tow truck – a bit embarrassing)



Gumbo is the descriptive term for mud that sticks to your boots and makes you taller, that sucks your boots from your feet leaving you hopping in cold wet socks trying to return foot to boot without falling over. I got my dad’s four wheel drive SO stuck when I was a teenager it took a truck and a tractor to get it out. The Peace country is known for its gumbo. Pretty country, with it’s wide skies and all- but damn that gumbo!

(Second picture is Grant washing the truck chains in a puddle- gumbo)


Mindfulness 101

photoWhen packing for a walk in the woods, don’t forget your good hiking boots.


We got to the Stein, got ready to lace up and go – and this is what I discovered. At least I took one left and one right.

(Both pairs of boots are wonderful, broken in and comfortable. One pair is for heavier backpacks, and the other is for day hikes. Both have had a lot of miles logged on them. Sure wish I could have logged a few more but the differences between the boots are too much to wear them. Good thing I had comfy walking shoes.)

IMG_2040Pretty sure this is a Hairy Woodpecker, at least that is the closest match I get on my little booklet that we carry in the van. Diligently working away, as the Hairy Woodpecker does.

No completed knitting etc. this week. Just plodding away on yet another pair of socks.