Dedication of Merit.

For Brian Brusegard, whose ashes we spread overlooking the valley in a small ceremony.


May every living being our minds as one and radiant with light,

share the fruits of peace with hearts of goodness, luminous and bright.

If people hear and see how hands and hearts can find in giving, unity,

may their minds awake to Great Compassion, Wisdom and to Joy.

May kindness find reward; may all who sorrow leave their grief and pain.

May this boundless light break the darkness of their endless night.

Because our hearts are one, this world of pain turns into Paradise.

May all become compassionate and wise.

May all become compassionate and wise.

©Dharma Realm Buddhist Association 2001
This permission to use from Loreena McKennit is based on the agreement that the piece may not be proliferated commercially and may be used only for religious services. 

Elizabeth Zimmerman is a genius…

But we knew that.

Cascade Eco Wool gets good reviews on Rav and elsewhere. In the ongoing project to find the bottom of my yarn drawer it was fun to cast this on. I had two skeins of it in natural brown. Nice stuff, but you know I think I am turning into a snob. For knitting with natural sheep smelling yarn I think hand spun is the way to go. And that silly cliche about the yarn letting you know what it wants to be? In this case it was true – I literally cast on six times to try to knit up the Hand to Hand Aran by EZ. No way – the cables kept messing up, my count went off, the drape was just not right. (I hear a chorus saying “swatch” – I sort of did. But the attempts themselves turned out to be that swatch.) Finally, after the sixth cast on, which the yarn held up to quite well by the way, I went for simple. Garter stitch. Lots of garter stitch. And simple often proves to be the best way.

IMG_1828From Knit One, Knit All a mildly tweaked Adult Bavarian Jacket, without edging. This goes perfectly for the workplace. I don’t even mind the slight cropping of the length and the arms. Kind of minimalistic. Easy and gratifying to knit. Now I still have the urge for cables but with a different yarn. The Eco wool is soft and likely too soft for definition. The twist is looser than I would hand spin but I think the garter stitch at a slightly tighter gauge will keep it from pilling, based on the way it survived multiple cast ons and rip outs.

And another genius design from EZ is her very popular Pi Shawl. This hat is really just the Pi Shawl start-up, with 2×2 ribbing done at the appropriate place to make a hat. And – we have been long overdue for a Sunshine sighting!

IMG_1824A picture captured between the raindrops. From Stanley Park on a dark and stormy day. (We had fun anyway.)