Flat Winter Light

DSCN1250My friend and I drove to Dragon Flower Mountain last weekend. It is about a three-hour drive but we took a bit longer. My friend’s son, who came with us, likes to stop at the Hope skateboard park and we leave him there while we buy food offerings for the monastic community. We also stopped at the Alexandra Bridge Park in the Fraser Canyon to stretch our legs a bit. This is part of the old gold rush route into British Columbia’s interior. The park was closed but it was just a hop over the concrete barriers to wander down to the bridge itself. This is a view of the Fraser River from the bridge.  We were driving towards those snowy hills. A whole different world from the rainy south coast.  Looking back, the Fraser River has featured many times on the blog. The river itself is part of what defines this whole region. It is a food source, a transportation route, a living element of the landscape that connects vast parts of the province. It’s the route we followed as we drove to see our extended Sangha. The river makes a nice metaphor, no?

DSCN1255Ghost like in the winter light. The bridge is for walkers only now. It can be seen from the main highway as it winds around the mountains. It is not ideally placed as a spot to stop – not far enough from our lunch place, stopping stretched our trip from three hours to five but well worth it.

DSCN1265Knitting the stash continues. To prevent brain implosion I am working on a scarf instead of yet another hat. This is the Irish Hiking Scarf, an easy free one from Ravelry. Perfect for bouncy handspun. I can see the bottom of my yarn bin, it’s so very exciting. Unlike the photo – thanks to the flat winter light the knitted objects are pretty ho-hum compared to real life. There is weaving off the loom too but every picture was so incredibly uninspired I will not subject those who look here to it. When the light is better…?June.

2 thoughts on “Flat Winter Light

  1. Megan December 2, 2013 / 7:23 am

    I like your scarf better than the Ravelry pics, even with uninspired light!

    • warpandwoofknitting December 2, 2013 / 3:14 pm

      Thanks Megan! I wanted to show something fibre related, but boy was it hard to get a pic yesterday. Photographing knitwear is a challenge. I am glad you looked in.

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