Hat Factory

IMG_1720I didn’t know this was going to become a project. To use up all the oddments as hats that is. Honestly, creating some kind of big item, a fair isle sweater or some such is really calling, but when I pull out the needles I end up casting on a hat, to try to use  up some of the growing pile of leftover balls of yarn. Compulsion, really. So this is yet another one blocking, a basic hat with some cables, using up a nice rustic romney hand spun that has been hanging around. I have this idea that a cleaned up stash container would be pleasing in some way. But it is kind of hopeless really, this project because look, now I have yet another odd sized ball to do something with. It is a kind of vortex…

The weaving started last week is going slowly and that is so very pleasurable too. I don’t want to finish it too soon. Just plod along. I suspect I am avoiding yet another compulsion, that is to have a warp on the go at all times. Maybe I am afraid I will forget how to warp?

Now isn’t this a neurotic post!

Mushrooms/lichens from the sunshine coast. No harvesting for dyeing this trip, just admiring.

IMG_1702I don’t know what these are, they are abundant in the woods, particularly on fallen trees. Pretty with the sun shining through.

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