Wandered Upon…

It’s a common story.  The growth of the “big box” stores on the outskirts of a town results in the decline of the old main street with its local businesses and “mom and pop” cafes. There is a move, here and elsewhere to try to remedy this, to build community. Even in our enormous city neighbourhoods develop, each with their own “flavour”,  their own character. I read in our local paper that one of the areas near where we live has been officially dubbed “Little Saigon”, an acknowledgement of the numerous Vietnamese immigrants who have landed here.  Vegetarian Pho restaurants are taking over the sites of the steak and pancake houses  – a reflection of the market changes in the area, and a fine development to this vegetarian knitter!

This does relate. I have written about the Riefal Bird Sanctuary before. I was there early today, just me and one other guy for the first hour. (Me with my little “entry-level” camera and him with: giant telephoto lens, tripod, binoculars, backpack – the dude was one of the serious ones.) He was pretty helpful actually, pointing out some waxwings, (I pretended I knew what they were) and telling me a bit about what species he’d seen before he wandered off to a secluded part of the sanctuary.  And by the way, as a result of his pointing them out, I actually now know what a waxwing looks like. Thanks fella.

IMG_1094I did capture a few images, but more than anything, it was a treat to wander around in the quiet this morning.

I ended up going for a coffee in nearby Ladner Village. This is a community outside Vancouver, originally a fishing village. The village site looks as though it may have seen more prosperous days but what delighted me was what I discovered when I went for a stroll, fuelled by an excellent cappuccino.

In the windows of the shops and offices were beautiful quilts. In the hardware store window, the insurance agent, the massage therapist…

IMG_1141Tomorrow is the Quilt Walk and Classic Car Show. 

Now isn’t that a good idea? A community that hosts a bi-weekly Farmers Market, craft fairs that get you walking the neighbourhood, that include eye candy for those that love the classic cars, and a really fine cup of coffee from a non – franchise establishment – that will get me and my wallet back.  The access to the gem that is the bird sanctuary doesn’t hurt either.  I suppose it’s not likely that there are enough birders to keep the whole economy afloat, but hey, it has got to help.

IMG_1107On the personal crafty front, I have often wondered if other bloggers have, shall we say, “edited” a bit when uploading pictures of their work. After all, no one would know, and with a bit of trickery one can look very capable, all the time.

This is a prime example:

IMG_1083Still using up bits and pieces. Twill cotton yardage, think they could be tea towels. Artfully folded to hide the big honking threading error that shows, oh yes indeedy. It is like a dark goofy line drawn right down the middle of the white. I wove for hours telling myself that “it will block out.” “It will be different off the loom, it’s a tension thing.”  Sigh.  I thought I might give these away. Instead they will go into my collection of the weird and wonderful kitchen linens I am accumulating…


(Edited to add: I was not thinking of anyone else “editing” when I wrote this,  definitely not taking a pot shot at any of the lovely stuff I see on other’s blogs, I was thinking about how I present stuff to the world of the “interwebs”. I will stop typing now…)

4 thoughts on “Wandered Upon…

  1. vairarenbeth August 18, 2013 / 6:54 pm

    You can also use it to line a purse or market bag…..

    • warpandwoofknitting August 18, 2013 / 9:10 pm

      Very true! Thanks for the suggestion. I am sure this will be used for something, I was just a bit miffed with myself yesterday. Magical thinking I guess, which I can be prone to crafting sometimes. All good learning.

  2. Deb August 20, 2013 / 6:58 am

    Just do the threading error in all your pieces and consider it a signature!!!

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