Bits and Pieces

IMG_1044Cushion covers waiting for filling and some sachets filled with cedar shavings. It might be the line of work I do, but once I reach a certain saturation of bits and pieces in my so-called “craft studio”, it is time to use them for something and move them along. I am a bit sensitized to hoarding! The cushion covers were made from my first  weaving attempt with the Jane, which resulted in a less than satisfying shawl. (Much better in this form.) They are mohair and hand spun wool done in twills, while two of the sachets were made with some of the samples from the same project. The other two sachets are from the “ubiquitous  blue” series of  samples.

There are some amazing (shocking?) photos of stashes on Ravelry and elsewhere. It is understandable that the stashes get out of control in a way, given how many materials are needed to do some of these fibre crafts. I joke that I won’t get dementia, I am always trying to sort out new ways of organizing my space. Once a certain bin starts to get too full, I get nervous! And then the cycle begins again, in terms of where do the finished objects go? There are plans for these things at least.

In my work life I have occasion to enter homes of hoarders. No two places have been the same, but the same theme runs through – the clinging to the objects in the home, regardless of whether they are obviously useful or not, and the sheer strength of the hanging on. It can be  profoundly traumatic to intervene, both for the person having to give up the stuff, and for those who have to watch.  By the time people like me have been called, the situation is often out of hand and clearing up must be done in the name of public health and safety. This is one of the harder parts of the job.

And that is one of many reasons heading off to the mountains is good! The air is clear, the task of walking is physical and demanding, and the body is tired, and not from the tasks of the mind and heart.  There are all types of people who work in health care, you can’t generalize. But I sure know a lot of them who head for quiet whenever they can, even for a short time, just to recharge.


View of Mt. Baker from up on Welcome Pass.

Heathers, lupines, tiger lilies, avalanche lilies, fawn lilies – those were just the ones whose names I knew. This is the prime time for wildflowers up high.

IMG_0876Pretty hey?

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. TextileRanger August 9, 2013 / 4:22 pm

    A few weeks after I got married (over 30 years ago) my in-laws had five feet of water in their house. As we helped with the clean-up and I had to sort things like wet phone books from the 60s, Polaroid pictures of turkeys, and dented tin pans, I swore I would never keep that much stuff!
    Well as the years passed we have accumulated lots of things and I don’t live in the minimalist home of my ideals, but like you, I don’t want to build a huge stash. I do feel like I need to move things on – there’s just not enough time to get to the projects I plan!
    Love your weaving projects and also the pictures of Mt. Baker and the flowers!

    • warpandwoofknitting August 10, 2013 / 3:19 am

      Thank you! I live in a small space so it kind of forces me to be vigilant. A weaver friend of mine and I had a conversation about what on earth people would do with our “stuff” if something abruptly happened to us – I would hate to leave a mess behind. (I suspect there are some polaroids in a box in our crawl space…) Isn’t Mt. Baker gorgeous? One of my very favourite places, we go there time and again, just being in the mountains lifts me up!

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