Return to the Peace

IMG_1022They don’t call it wide sky country for nothing. Family business took me back to the north last week. It was a good trip, all went well and there were some opportunities to get out a bit. One can forget just how expansive the horizon can be out here. The wildflowers were at their peak and when one stepped outside, the smell of the sweet clover was dizzying. The land around Fort St. John is resource rich – there is the natural gas industry, and there is farming.  Some miles out-of-town, off the pavement, we found a little body of water. You would have to know it is there – we were just exploring.

IMG_1011Now, doesn’t this kind of define community? (Too bad about the bit of litter, but unlike many party places this spot was pretty clean. It looked like a place for kids and families as much as a place for bush parties. I remember those…)

IMG_1012So inviting on this hot day. OK, there may have been some mosquitoes. This is miles from town.

On the crafty front, I warped up the rigid heddle this morning. These are the yarns dyed with the wolf moss, one pretty uniform and the other quite mottled, as I had tossed in the copper scrubby and the colour was less even. The grey is also handspun and all three yarns could be called rustic. (I ran low on the yellow warp, so stripes again. They are an easy solution to yarn shortages.) The three yarns run around DK, light worsted weight. I am using the 7.5 dpi heddle and am weaving fairly loosely. This is likely to need a bit of fulling off the loom but I hope to retain some drape. As to what it will ultimately be? Oh who knows.  A piece of cloth I guess…  What a contrast the rigid heddle loom is after using the Jane and fine threads. This is fun.


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