Action Shots

I am finding that it is kind of hard to get good pictures of birds. Or of other creatures for that matter. They seem to be busy, not hanging around to pose or otherwise do what I want. Funny that! A friend who is a birder told me that when you are out birding you can take a camera, or you can take binoculars and watch, but in her experience  it is hard to do both well. Either way, one needs to be pretty still and not scare off the creature one is observing. There is of course the exception – when you go somewhere and the animals are aware that humans are a food source.

IMG_0750This raven came to within a couple of feet of where I was eating my sandwich. Unlike the crows I have tried to photograph, this fellow was unfazed by the camera lens, focussing more intently on my sandwich than anything else. Still careful, he did a side step  over to us, ready to fly at a moment’s notice but coming very near. Aren’t those feathers beautiful? This was in Manning Park, on a motorcycle ride last week. Usually it is the grey jays and the nutcrackers who have taken food out of our hands, this was a first, having a raven so near. It creates mixed feelings – wonderment at seeing a creature this closely, a bit sad to see how acclimated to human food these guys are.

IMG_0758And this fellow, well it must be early in the season, or maybe he was wary of the ravens, because he (or she) was a bit careful to not get too close. At this park sometimes the chipmunks will run up your leg to grab a piece of bread or trail mix. But perhaps he hasn’t yet learned that humans fall apart when confronted by the cute, and that he can take advantage of it. It is very likely better to be wary, for all concerned. We don’t tend to feed the animals when they come near as a rule, (other than the insistent grey jays)  nonetheless it is  kind of thrilling to see them up close. My summer plans include trying to get some bird and wildlife photos when we go hiking and camping later this month. With some luck and patience.


On the weaving front, the ruana is finished. The Quebecoise yarn drapes wonderfully when washed, and I am really pleased with the result. This will make a great winter coat. (A bit incongruous posing in the sun with this thing, but oh well.) I am really grateful to Unni for all the help on this, there are a number of good lessons contained in this piece. Not the least patience and perseverance!

The silk and hand-spun scarf is also completed. I ran out of the light brown warp so the edges don’t match, but you can’t tell when it is worn. My gosh is silk lovely to work with. Kind of crazy as a beginner to use such materials I suppose but again, oh well. This really inspires me to keep weaving with my hand-spun too.

IMG_1684Reasons to be glad for rudimentary crochet skills – those somewhat wonky selvedges on both pieces. Hides a multitude of sins!

3 thoughts on “Action Shots

  1. carole June 24, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    I’m a proud momma, your weaving is just beautiful!!!!!

  2. Carole Feist June 24, 2013 / 2:24 pm

    Hi Michele: I love your weaving but I just got a new computer and there was an ad below your blog when I tried to comment. Turned out I believe, I commented on the ad. It was a hunky young man on the beach. I said that momma was proud. How awful, I’m a bit embarrassed! and then I find the comments are to go at the top.

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