Blocks of Colour

IMG_0521Ordinary stones and on second look one can see many different colours and tones within. That is what is so gratifying about learning fibre techniques. One starts to look around and see new depths of colour and pattern in the mundane. Its an old exercise, to take a photo and create something based on looking carefully. I am pondering this, while I wait for some weaving yarns to arrive in the mail.

Sewn together samples/ an attempted scarf that didn’t quite work. This piece has ended up indoors, bringing together a shelving unit. I like the strong colour blocks, with the unifying ubiquitous blue wool warp. It is too scratchy to be a blanket, too heavy to work as clothing. It may not live in the unit forever, but for now it is nice to look over and see it. (Picture taken outside for the natural light.)

IMG_0606This has been a quiet week.

IMG_0571From the cannery site at Point Roberts. Spring has finally exploded all over the place.

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