Mikey and Sunshine – And a Reason to Celebrate

IMG_0602Well, lots of reasons to celebrate. Good friends, good weather, a great hike around Bunzten Lake. But there is one other really wonderful reason to celebrate – Sunshine’s achievement of a great academic scholarship. Sunshine we are all very proud of you!

I said before on the blog that the relationship between big and little sisters is reciprocal. These days I am so distracted by the loom and the fibre pursuits I forget how much I love a hike. How great that another person’s enthusiasm for a walk in the woods gets us all on the trail. The rainy season isn’t over here – there will be lots of Saturday afternoons to doodle around with the loom and I am appreciating letting things “be” so to speak, in terms of what I want to accomplish in terms of fibre craft. There were lots of people out and walking yesterday, all with similar expressions of “finally”- relief to see some sun after a long gloomy winter.

DSCN0089It didn’t seem right to exclude Grant from the record of our day. This is from last year but is completely typical. Give him a body of water and he hops right in. This is a view of Bunzten Lake from the public beach, at the beginning of the hike.

It was a tad warmer in July when this was taken. Yesterday, pretty chilly. Only Grant and a couple of kids dared go in. There may have been screeching.

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