Beautiful Inspiration

A friend had me over for tea and weaving talk not too long ago. She introduced me to an incredible book she had recently received. Now, it is humbling to admit but I coveted this beauty. I was borderline rude as I leafed through it, it distracted my attention so. The combination of text and photos had my imagination on fire. I gleefully proceeded to order a copy for myself. (Beautiful enabling perhaps?)

IMG_0590Lovely cover but it doesn’t begin to convey the interior.

From the introduction: “From ancient textiles to those of the 21st century, there exists a continuum of creativity…” and from there, the reader is well and truly engaged. The book is divided into sections covering a broad spectrum of Impact, Ingredients, Structure, Surface, Added Dimensions and Imagery with detailed research within each category. The photography is lush and a good number of the images are full-sized plates. Wonderful, did I say wonderful?

IMG_0594Forgive my fairly crummy photos, I tried to edit out my foot!

Myriad disciplines are seen but there are a lot of weaving photos, showing weaving and dye techniques from all over the globe. My friend displays her copy in her living room on a stand, so it isn’t lost in her other books. While I am again shamelessly imitating her, I plan to do the same. One can peruse, dream, admire – did I say this was wonderful?


There is great inspiration to be found in works like this, even as I learn to do just the basics so far with my looms and wheel and knitting. Seeing how others interpret the world around them helps all of us to look at the world with fresh eyes, to try to see the patterns within patterns. And this is a theme to be applied to all parts of  life I think. It makes the ordinary shine.


From a flying trip to Point Roberts this weekend. The van is proving to be a very good thing! Like many Canadians who live on the border we pop over from time to time. This time we stayed the night on the beach. The van kept us warm and sheltered from the wind, and we were able to walk and watch the porpoises and sea lions. Not to mention the eagles, and the killdeers and the spring flowers…Great stuff.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspiration

  1. starproms April 28, 2013 / 6:35 pm

    I can feel your inspiration and yes, the book is delightful – what I could see of it. Of course I want to see more. Love the driftwood (is that what it is) in your own picture. You do truly live in a lovely place!

    • warpandwoofknitting April 28, 2013 / 6:52 pm

      Thank you Oma! Yes, I have spent lots of mornings looking at this book over my cup of tea. I am glad you like the beach picture too – there are driftwood shelters all along, made by kids I think. We are very lucky indeed.

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