I think, if we have the luxury of time to watch, that we can get a glimpse of some of the rhythms of the natural world. We spent the weekend on Galiano Island, Grant working on the van, finishing up the cabinets, and me going for walks. (It’s great to be the dingbat assistant. I help when I can but mostly I was left to my own devices.) The van looks great by the way, it is kind of ingeniously designed to allow two adults to live in for camping and hiking, and yet looks just like an ordinary cargo van on the outside.

IMG_0216It is designed to be completely self-sufficient – there is even room for a biffy, should that be required. It is hard to tell in the photo, but Grant has created a space to cook in, room for a cooler full of food, and at night, the bed folds out to sleep the two of us. All that remains is to give it its first test run. Soon!

Back to the rhythm thing. Our city is a wonderful place to live, it really is. And sometimes the body needs to just sit and feel the rotation of the earth in order to get some rest. And that is a bit harder to do in the city, at least for me. Not impossible, of course not, being still can happen anywhere, but I find real nourishment in being in the natural world,  in being able to catch the rhythm of my own breath.


This is the view from Mount Galiano, overlooking Active Pass. We finally had some sun.

Stumbled upon on one of my walks.


The hands are still resting so no knitting again this week. However,  one can only sit so still – I had to hand a bit of dish cloth cotton and some dried grasses. It felt like play. It’s an impermanent souvenir of the weekend I guess.


2 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. starproms March 19, 2013 / 5:02 pm

    Looking forward to following your travels 🙂

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