Slow walking

Our neighbourhood, we have been told, is unique. Apparently back in the 70’s the urban planners of the time came up with an idea to create a community that included housing for many different residents. In this little ‘hood we have co-ops, town houses, residential care facilities, and private homes. There are several schools and some homes for those with special needs. In addition to all this, this very people oriented place, we have green space, quite a lot of it. This is kind of wonderful, smack in the middle of the urban bustle that is a modern city, we have a little enclave of green, and (mostly) quiet. It is a community in the real sense of the word. How lucky we are in that from every room in our house we see trees. One winter in the small hours of the morning we watched a pack of coyotes trotting down the path through the woods out back. And just the other night, as I was spinning at the wheel, I could hear our local owl, (all the neighbours comment on this guy) hooting up a storm.

This blog has evolved into a space for nature pics as well as a photographic diary of fibre projects and I took the plunge to get a new camera, one I actually have to learn to use and remember all those principles from that class taken many (many!) years ago. It seems the “seeing the city with fresh eyes” is continuing on. It’s good to stretch a bit with these things.

IMG_0024Not that this is an original idea for a portrait. It was pouring rain so the poor cats had their picture taken about a dozen times. Good thing there is a delete button. Cat’s nose idea freely stolen from about a dozen different knitting blogs.

IMG_0030Spring is in the air today though and a slow walk to try out the camera outdoors was fruitful. Walking for exercise with the headphones on is invigorating and good to do. But a slow meander through the woods behind my house, sans earbuds,  revealed all sorts of things. I found out that crows don’t seem to like their picture taken. (A group memory of having guns pointed their way? I wouldn’t doubt it.) I discovered which bunches of willows the sparrows and the chickadees like to hang out in. I watched a pair of thrushes shove leaves around in the underbrush and a squirrel make a most undignified leap from branch to branch with a large blue piece of ?something in his mouth- a complete goofball, feet flailing. Fun.

Knitting: socks from some sale Kroy yarn. They are fraternal, toe up, short row heel. Not sure I like this construction, though the fit is very good. It may be that I can improve my skills on the toe cast on and the heel and I might like it better.

IMG_0054And it seems inevitable, hanging around all those weavers. A sampler on the four shaft loom brought home from the learn to weave class at Place Des Arts. One step further along the road.

IMG_0015Somebody call my boss and tell him I just have too much other stuff to do…

2 thoughts on “Slow walking

  1. Sunshine February 8, 2013 / 5:55 am

    What is your boss’s phone number? Haha, I make myself laugh:)

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