Fear of the Scissors, Or Trying Not to be Too Precious About This…

DSCN1040My father would say, when working on some project or another, “You have to be smarter than the hammer.” You could take that a number of ways I guess but for me, it reduced the anxiety around the work being done. Those words gave the project a bit of perspective. Now, my dad was a bit famous for his improvised repair work. Ask my sister about the mud flaps he added to her car when she was a teenager. They worked, oh yes they did – but to an image conscious teenager enormous piano hinged flappy things on the back of her cute little car were a burden to bear. Mom and I were talking about family last night, and that conversation reminded me of these things.

I have seen enormously talented people become paralyzed by the perceived need for perfection. (I go the other way, I can be selectively blind to sloppy workmanship on my part just to get something done. There is of course a middle way with this.)

Anyhow, even when the delight in making something makes me want to hang onto it, to not cut it or otherwise risk finishing a piece is an error, at least for me. I try to think of my dad’s perspective. “I have got to be smarter than the yarn.”

The cloth made from the three cottons is pretty. I sewed together a basic vest, and absolutely don’t care for it. Not a catastrophe because it was a simple pattern, three rectangles really. So, fussing around with a smaller piece I made yet again a small pouch. Lined it with fleece fabric from some leftovers from years ago and stuck a button on it. Seems the cloth prefers that. OK then.

We have had a stretch of cold (ish) weather around here, getting below freezing. Walks are a joy.


Frozen droplets in the park.

DSCN1025Bits of snow in the rain forest.

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