Put in the Hours (Or Adventures in Plain Weave Continue)

I had a minor epiphany a few days ago. My friend K gave me a loom this summer, a 32 inch ashford rigid heddle. This kind of loom is ideal for a small space, easy to warp and fun to use. Now, I am a beginner weaver, and part of what has drawn me to weaving is the gorgeous work of some of the people in the guild. (It’s a weavers and spinners guild, but the weavers outnumber the ones who primarily spin by a great margin. Some of these people have been weaving since the 1960’s and their work is both utterly impressive and daunting for a newbie.) The rigid heddle seems to be a bit of a poor cousin in the loom world, and one feels like a bit of a cliché – part of the recent pack of knitters who become spinners who start to weave. And the epiphany hit – Who cares!! To learn a skill means put in the hours. Do it and do it again. Remember how intimidating the spinning wheel was? So, in terms of weaving, and in terms of sewing too, put in the hours. If I can sew straight lines over and over, eventually they will be really straight. And what exactly is one trying to do with these activities? I can buy my friend a pair of socks. But when I want to express my gratitude for that friend’s existence in my life, do I wander down to Sport Check and pick up a four pack of cotton tubes? Nope. And yet the object, the hand knit pair of socks will end up doing the same function. So there is something else going on, and boy am I good at stating and re-stating the obvious.

Ah well, at least these activities keep me off the streets…

And I can’t believe how pretty plain weave done with fingering, DK and worsted yarns can be. Especially how the handspun works. I could do this for a long time and not get bored.

DSCN1014Cotton boucle weft, cotton DK weight warp. Plain weave, over and over.

DSCN1013Straight line sewing – putting together squares.  Handspun weft, a variety of warps in the pieces. Straight seams, over and over (and some of them are actually really straight)

Keep putting in the hours.

2 thoughts on “Put in the Hours (Or Adventures in Plain Weave Continue)

  1. mom January 8, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    Looks like you mastered it!!!! Very nice.

  2. warpandwoofknitting January 8, 2013 / 4:41 pm

    Hi Mom;
    Well, thanks so much. It will be nice when you can see these in person!

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