What to do with a Shawl?

The Pi Shawl is done! 88 repeats of a 14 row edging, over and over, and over again when I messed up each time I lost focus. A very basic, straightforward edging to a very straight forward and satisfying knit. Now what to use this thing for? Typically there is a time period when I am very attached to the finished object and feel a bit of a tug at the thought of letting it go. This happens even when the thing is clearly destined for a particular person as a gift, and even when it is not something I would use. Despite all the myriad projects I work on I have a streak of the puritan in me, in that I do want the created item to be used, not just sit about. No hoarders here!  The little twinge remains for a bit though, and I suspect it is a remnant of that little bit of myself that gets put into these things. “Look, there is some of the first hand spun merino that came out consistent and balanced after all that frustration, there is that pretty stuff discovered on a great road trip”. Typically, if a finished object doesn’t have an immediate recipient, it goes into a stash, to sit and marinate. And inevitably as it marinates there, radiating woolly colour and warmth, the ideal person or situation wanders by and the object goes to its best place. Without that twinge too, I might add – that little bit of “grabbiness” fades, thankfully. Either I end up enamoured of something else, like a magpie drawn to shiny bits, or the satisfaction of finding the right place lets the twinge fade away on its own! Good thing too, there are lots of jokes made in the fibre world about stashes that take over the house. Yikes. So, what to do with the shawl…

DSCN0967Getting out of the car to go for a walk at Steveston the other day I had the good luck to see an entire flock of snow geese murmuring and feeding on the grass. They weren’t too perturbed by all the people, though the dogs made them rise up honking indignantly a couple of times. Lots of walkers just stopped to watch for a while – why does bird watching, or any animal observation watching engage us the way it does? A reminder of a larger connection is my thought.


DSCN0962Christmas Candle? (Heron on pylon actually)

2 thoughts on “What to do with a Shawl?

  1. starproms December 5, 2012 / 6:30 pm

    The shawl is lovely. I like all the colours together. I understand the problems of consistency when spinning! Still trying to get that right. Beautiful snow geese too.

    • warpandwoofknitting December 7, 2012 / 9:16 pm

      Hi; Thank you for this. I always find merino to be a bit of a challenge though now realize that the prep is vital – some sources are better than others. Best regards over the pond!

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