Weaving Naturally

From around my town. This woven fence holds back the encroaching blackberry bushes, which thrive in our climate and are not always welcome. What an interesting and earth friendly way to do it.

And from today’s walk out at Crescent Beach. Grant got a spot to lay in the sun and I went for a good long walk. We met up with our coffee and scones and watched the birds and the ocean – a wonderful morning. The pictures below are from my meanderings, to a bird refuge near where we sat.

When the sun comes out in the winter here we all run to take advantage. This “egg” warns walkers to be aware of birds who may be living on the open grassy bits. I saw a sign saying that in spring there can be nests. What a skillful way to remind us that we share the space!

One of the slow moving projects is complete. The yarn I raved about last post bloomed in a very lovely way when this was washed and blocked. Pure wool, with some hand spun mohair warp, with a bit of leftover cotton too. The yarns fulled at a slightly different rate when the stole, (it’s a stole now, not a blanket) was washed but it doesn’t show when in use.  The browns are heathered, there are little bits of orange and blue in there that don’t show up in the photo, it is a very pretty fabric.

Adventures in plain weave. These could go on a while. (And the Pi Shawl, gah. There are about 37 more repeats to go, of a total of 88. Getting a bit cross – eyed with this one, I am.)

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