Other People’s Kindness

A friend gave me a pass to Van Dusen Gardens today. I took advantage of the fine weather to wander about. What I was particularly excited to see was an exhibit, The Little Green Dress Projekt, a really wonderful work in progress that I was keen to see. I am somewhat chagrined to say that the garden enthralled me so much that I missed the exhibit entirely and had to look at the photos online. Right at the end of my walkabout I came upon the studio where the woman I presume was the artist was working and did a mental forehead slap. I was really tired by then and the thought of going back into the garden was a bit too daunting. It means I have to go back right? Such a shame. I encourage a click on the link above to the blog though, it is a wonderful local project. I did, in the spirit of seeing my town with fresh eyes take some pictures of my own though.

The Garden’s explanation is better than any I could do. The spot where these poles stand is a quiet one. Today there were very few people in the gardens and the traffic noise was dulled by the cedars and the warm weather. One could almost imagine being out of the city. This particular spot must attract people to sit and meditate, because there was a palpable sense of stillness there. I sat for a while myself.

It is kind of imperative to take a lotus picture when one identifies as a Buddhist. I mean really!

It is a botanical garden, I had to get some flower shots. A lot of the blooms are done now that the summer is fading, but some persist in our warm climate. These guys are very cheery. The sun was warm enough to bring out the smells of the trees and the flowers, so along every turn of the trail my senses had another treat.

Korean gazebo, another very still place to just be awhile.

Thank you Irene for such a great afternoon. (I really have to go back and see the Green Dresses too! Soon.)

One thought on “Other People’s Kindness

  1. mom September 7, 2012 / 10:19 pm

    I love it too!

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