This beautiful city, with simple crochet.

I have to “go into town” every day for the next few weeks, and as this involves a bit of rush hour driving and the (really minor) hassle of getting into the congested part of Vancouver, I thought I would make it even more worth while by exploring and appreciating this place. After twenty-six years here it could be that familiarity has bred, certainly not contempt, but maybe taking for granted what a lovely part of the world this is. We grumble here, it’s a cultural trait of Canadians, about the weather – “it’s so hot”, “the grey of this unceasing rain”, “good grief can no – one drive in snow?” (This is often said with a certain smugness, though I am uncomfortably aware of how many years it has been since I ever really had to drive in the stuff. But we have our little conceits.)

Over the course of the last week I explored the west side beaches again, and the area around Granville Island and tried to see it all with fresh eyes.

This is the place I fell in love with years ago when I moved from the north. It is hard to say which sustains more, ocean or mountain but sustain they do, when one looks beyond the everyday mind that thinks about “traffic, oh what a pain” and “will there be parking”, “oh what a hassle it is…” I guess it is a matter of looking up, not down! I won’t commit to taking pictures in different parks every week but will see how it goes.

The urge to fiddle with expensive string doesn’t go away in the heat, though it does change a bit. I love this pattern, found on Ravelry and generously offered for free. (It is worth looking at this person’s site, she is very talented.) It is a granny square crocheted shawl that I seem to fall back upon. What I love is that it uses up leftover yarn so well, and so prettily.

Yarns are leftover sock for the double and single crochet edging, and the centre granny squares are done in some Drops Alpaca that was an impulse sale purchase. It is such a simple thing to make, very soothing and quick. Into the gift pile it goes, to see who it wants to be with. (The problem with being a process needleworker, what to do with the final object. There are worse problems to solve.)

2 thoughts on “This beautiful city, with simple crochet.

  1. liamodell1 August 18, 2012 / 8:35 pm

    Lovely photographs! I’ve never been to Vancouver but judging by those pictures it looks wonderful.

    • warpandwoofknitting August 18, 2012 / 9:18 pm

      Thank you so much. Vancouver is pretty nice, although people tell me they get pretty tired of the rain in the winter!

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