Colour Affection, Yet Again

I blogged about this shawl before, a very pretty project done by scads of people on Ravelry, and my disappointment when it just.didn’ I am not sure why I tackled it again, other than thinking five thousand plus people must know something I don’t, and this is the result.

And the artfully draped shot, obligatory with this shawl. (I use “artfully” with tongue in cheek. Knitwear is hard to photograph well.)

The yarns are a romney hand spun from our trip to Utah, some cashmere/merino from Galiano Island and some Drops Alpaca, all about fingering weight. I modified the pattern a fair bit, doing around half the increases to keep those long ends in check. I also tossed in some short rows in the first section, not many, but an effort to give it more depth. I could have done a few more but I didn’t want to risk getting it out of proportion too much. It wraps around my shoulders nicely and works as a scarf too. If I wear it around my shoulders it needs a shawl pin but that’s fine. Much better definition with solid colours too. This one will work. I still haven’t faced ripping out the first one, it sits in a sullen heap in my projects, but it will be looked after, for sure. Good yarn really shouldn’t go to naught. I am still not wildly enthusiastic about the shawl, but maybe it’s the heat. It may need to “marinate” a while, or maybe a perfect recipient will wander along…

It is great to be able to adapt.

Because Manning Park was just so wonderful in July, another shot of the wildflowers, plus our favourite hearty hiker, halfway up the First Brother Mountain.

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