Blogs That Inspire

I had the nicest email notification the other day. Agulas Blog had nominated warpandwoof for a Beautiful Blog award. As well, this lovely blogger has been nice enough to leave the odd comment and it tickles me no end that people “over there” are looking in once in a while. (It still amazes me that anyone other than family I have coerced into following this are reading. Hi Mom!) I struggled with finding fifteen blogs to recommend, which is one of the rules of the award. I spend lots of time surfing the net, it has taken the place of random TV surfing I guess, but don’t really have a lot of places I return to all the time. Instead of the fifteen I thought I would link to the blogs that inspire me regularly and explain why. (And I really do recommend looking at Agula’s blog. One of the reasons I like it so much is that she is learning hand-spinning and takes wonderful pictures of her work. Her words are thoughtful, as are the posts that don’t directly link to her hand-spun, and the emphasis on beautiful colour is striking. I really enjoy popping in.

I must feature Sunshine’s blog again, A Thousand Books and Still Going. Sunshine has a passion for reading and for colour too. She also inspires me to try new things, as she is fearless about changing formats, adding widgets, linking to videos, creating pages. I regularly ask her “how did you do that?”  I know, total cliché but it is great to have a savvy kid around for computer questions! Her voice is clear, how great. Many people don’t find a voice till they are much older, let alone take the leap to put it “out there” on the web.

Personal inspiration comes from Jade Mountains, a blog written by one of the monks of our Order. Rev. Mugo was a real trailblazer with her blog, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the first Buddhist blogs of its kind. Her posts are always reminders of what we are about in this life. Jade Mountains has provided comfort, support and the encouragement to carry on and I read it regularly.

Rev. Mugo linked to really great blog a few years ago, one of the first I ever did subscribe to. While it is written by an emergency room nurse, the themes are universal and Impacted Nurse opens a revealing window onto health care. I work as a nurse in a very different setting, but I have forwarded posts and poems and articles from this site to both nursing and non-nursing friends. Funny, moving, dark, it is all there.

So, while not fifteen, I focussed on quality not quantity, how’s that? I am also supposed to write a bunch of random things about myself as part of the BB award. I am going to stretch the rules on that one too! Warp and woof is kind of doing that all the time, showing random bits of daily life, and I am happy to keep it that way. The seven random things will emerge over time, if they haven’t already!

Random fact about me: I am terrible at remembering bird species. I THINK this is a golden headed black bird! This is from our Princeton trip two weeks ago. There were dozens of these guys, all singing at the top of their lungs in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Blogs That Inspire

  1. Carole June 29, 2012 / 9:15 pm

    Hi: Your mom is sooooooo proud. I always knew you were a great writer and for me this just proves a point!!!! Love the bird also, I too think it could be a yellow-headed blackbird. Did it have white on its wing?

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