Everything is Going to Be Alright #2

So, I didn’t really want to repeat myself but it bothered me no end that I could not get the post where this building was featured to show its detail. Thanks to the wonders of photo editing and patient repeat attempts, here it finally is. A blog is kind of a public forum, so I am not going into great detail here. I just want to dedicate this picture and post to the people who are recovering from events, waiting on events, and waiting to hear. Also, to those people who step up and help when it is needed or asked for, in an entirely unselfish and generous way. There has been a lot of that this past week or two. This post could be written as a list of names, really.

In Buddhism it is said that good prevails and evil is vanquished, this is one of the laws of the universe. I have seen that this is manifested over and over in the myriad kindnesses and the small acts of friendship done along the way. It is not dependent on the “grand act” that one might think hearing this stated in its rather old-fashioned way.

These two pictures show the same thing really.

And now, back to knitting.

One thought on “Everything is Going to Be Alright #2

  1. Carole May 27, 2012 / 9:33 pm

    Loved both

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