A Week’s Vacation in a Weekend

Grant said, “You know, we should go to the Princeton Rodeo.”

“Hmm?” I said. What I didn’t realize was that a) he had never been to a rodeo. (I know!) And b) any excuse for a ride on the motorcycle. The weather was predicted to be great, finally and we have some things to do coming up that will keep us off the bike. And, really, we are due for some outdoor time. Circumstances have led to us not hiking as much as we have in the past but that is no excuse for not getting outside.

Princeton and area are really beautiful. To get there we rode through Manning Park and had our morning cookie next to the Beaver Pond in Manning. (Don’t tell the rangers, the area was closed but the things you can do on a very expensive dirt bike. We sat on a log and munched a cookie in the sun. Still lots of snow in the pass, and we wore long underwear and were grateful for it.)

Our friends let us stay in their cabin, which is where we have snowshoed in when the snow is high. This time, we rode the bike almost to the top of the hill. Not bad. And this is why I called it the expensive dirt bike. Somewhere a VTX  motorcycle designer is rolling around in shock. We were careful!


I am still kind of amazed that Grant has not been to a rodeo. Going to Princeton really brought back memories for me, of going to the rodeo and also the fall fair up north. It is kind of interesting to attend a rodeo as an adult. There is a lot of skill, and a lot of interesting competition. (I am not sure how I feel about the animal’s situation either, and that’s a loaded topic.) Seeing these guys fall off in the various events just sets off a sympathetic twinge, that’s all I am saying.


On our ride home we pulled over to get a picture of this guy. I have to say, one can feel just a bit more vulnerable on a bike. This guy stopped eating and turned to inspect us. See his nose is a bit wrinkled? That is us he is trying to figure out. I was madly taking pictures while Grant was getting ready to ride us away. All these years hiking, all the wonderful and safe encounters with bears we have had, it would be very, very embarrassing to be taken out by a curious bear on the side of the highway. Still. What a great privilege to see him for a few minutes.


We pack a lot into a short period of time. The evening ride to Coalmont, sitting out on the deck at our friend’s cabin and seeing, and hearing, all the birds, scaring up deer, and oh, yeah, seeing the mother black bear and twin cubs. (No pictures, but imagine the cubs, they are at the round stage. Round butts, round heads, round ears, and big round eyes as they tried to figure out what we were.) It’s at least a week’s vacation crammed into a weekend.

I still knit and spin and weave, and in fact, have been going through a particularly creative phase. These are a couple of scarves woven entirely from hand spun. There are some sources I have read that say using hand spun for the warp can be problematic. These were fine. I spun the warp worsted, fairly tight and maybe it is a property of the rigid heddle loom that it doesn’t put as much strain on the warp, I am too new a weaver to know. All I know is that the weft, a lumpy combination of cashmere, angora and merino fibre, came together really nicely. What on earth am I going to do with all of these scarves?






2 thoughts on “A Week’s Vacation in a Weekend

  1. Carole May 14, 2012 / 4:39 pm

    Your mini vacation looks lovely. Also love your weaving, you are so creative!!!!! How does it compare to a knitted scarf?

    • warpandwoofknitting May 14, 2012 / 5:41 pm

      Thanks Mom! Woven scarves seem to have a bit more structure, but are equally soft, at least the ones I have made seem to be. Mine are pretty “primitive” on the scale of things. (But I like that about them.) Love;

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