Everything Is Going to be Alright

The sidewalks were really slick this morning at Granville Island. I was trying to get from the roadway onto the walking area and skidded off a painted curb, “ass over teakettle”, went down on both knees and hands. It hurt. What went through my mind was the usual reel of impressions, shock, embarrassment about losing it in public, fear I had hurt something. I looked around as I cursed under my breath and got to my feet, and saw the guy in the truck next to me, studiously looking away after seeing me fall. There was a sharp stab of self-pity “You jerk, you could at least ask if I was OK!”, though I clearly was OK, just a bit shaken. I checked out my skinned knees, not too bad, collected myself and headed for a latte and a cheese bagel to soothe my poor old self.

I left Maiwa, having looked at all the beautiful colours and handled a few yarns and came around the corner. In front of me were two women, a bit older than me, one on the ground, having fallen just as I came by. A fellow was attempting to help her up but was having some difficulty and needed another set of hands. A millisecond, maybe less, just a very brief impression, “I don’t want to see this” flashed in my mind.  Then the fellow and I  helped her get to her feet, we chatted, the woman was OK, just a bit shaken. I guess it is hard to see other people’s hurt, whatever the hurt, sometimes. It’s important to look clearly though. And to forgive that first selfish not wanting to see it.

This photo came from Grant off his phone. All my efforts to enlarge it so the top edge of the building can be seen are completely fruitless. Too bad. Across the top of the red brick building there are printed the words Everything is Going to be Alright, imbedded in the brickwork. Grant saw this on one of his walks around the neighbourhood where he works. He often stops in at Sun Yet Sen Gardens for a break from the chaos. The letters are done in a lighter brick and must be ten feet high. I wonder what the story is there? Who would add that, and what were the bricklayers thinking when they did it? How wonderful! (I suspect a magnifying glass is needed to see it on the computer screen. Rest assured, the words are there.)

On the knitting front this little shawl is just finished. It is more of a scarf actually. The pattern is Maluka a free pattern on ravelry. This will be nice for a tee-shirt and jeans. Maybe for wearing on the motorcycle or maybe it will be a gift, we shall see.

2 thoughts on “Everything Is Going to be Alright

  1. Carole May 4, 2012 / 3:39 pm

    Hope you are OK after your tumble, likely are feeling it more today. Sounds like it was a bit slippery for everyone. How I envy you two Granville Island and Dr. Sun Yet Sen’s gardens!!!!!

    • warpandwoofknitting May 4, 2012 / 4:25 pm

      Hi Mom; Yup a bit stiff today but mostly my so – called dignity injured. It is pouring rain today! The price we pay for the pretty town we live in I guess. Monsoon!

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