3KCBWDAY7 Crafting Balance

Some craftspeople I know do a great variety of disciplines. How they manage I am not sure, and I cannot even say that in some cases, that the expertise is diluted by doing so many things. One person I know would likely be considered at a master craftsman level at a number of activities. It makes me a bit tired to think about it, tiredness maybe tinged with  a little envy. It isn’t wise to live in the future, but there are definitely a couple of things on the ‘back burner” that I would like to  explore. Weaving for one. But I remind myself that a floor loom is a substantial thing, and try to focus on getting good at what I have available to me. And when I take a closer look, of course, the humble rigid heddle loom, which I do have, has a lifetimes worth of potential exploration, should I so choose. Knitting and spinning are the same way. I don’t think one arrives at a place and says, “there, I am fully accomplished, time to move on.”  I just purchased the 700 plus page opus The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt. That hefty book is a great reminder that there is a long way to go on the path of this particular little craft.

But balance. Well, once the obsessive love affair with fibre eased a bit, as obsessive love affairs almost always do, and more balance set in, I actually think my skills started to improve. It has been in doing other things, like walking in the woods, or spending time with good people, that have freed up some of the more creative parts of my brain and hands. When balance settles in, I also find I spend more time actually knitting or spinning than I do stalking other people’s work on the internet, or indiscriminately buying any magazine or book that has knitting in the title.

So, all good. I admit to being a bit tapped out at the end of this week of daily blogging and am looking forward to going back to an approximately weekly schedule with more scope in the topics. No complaints, this has been very helpful and fun. I have been exposed to some lovely other bloggers that would not have crossed the radar otherwise. Thanks to all my family and friends who are not crazed crafters too, who had to read the daily posts! You all put up with me rather nicely.

Searching some quiet in the city I headed to Foreshore Park this afternoon for a walk in the trees. It was a bit overcast, and all the willows and poplars are budding like mad. Glorious colours, and lots of noisy birds. Aren’t we lucky?

2 thoughts on “3KCBWDAY7 Crafting Balance

  1. Carole April 30, 2012 / 2:58 pm

    Wow, that had to be a tough week but very interesting. I love your writing

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