3KCBWDAY4 Knitter for All Seasons

Well, obviously! It is clear that I don’t worry too much about time of year. I have knit in the shade in the Utah desert at 40 degrees. I have knit in our friend’s cabin at 25 below zero, curled up on the saggy couch near the wood stove. (That’s one of the best places honestly.) One just works around the conditions. Seasons might be seasons of life too, to not be too precious about it. Having something to do when one has to wait interminably. Hospital waiting areas, when there is worry, now that’s a part of life, a season, and the knitting has provided a lot of solace. (It has also helped to still my tongue, a good thing when there is stress, just “concentrate on the sock. It all will work out.”) Waiting to hear the news. Casting on for the new little being when we get the news. (I am thinking of some enormous baby booties, my first ones for a friend. Huge and pink, but baby footwear isn’t really my expertise.) Just wanting to show love in a tangible, warm way. I know the scarf is not going to change the hurt, or the worry, but it is an offering of the good wishes extended. Or the thanks for the kindness shown to me.

It is a bit cold in the campground, and getting dark. We are waiting on hearing the owl again.

Tips for travel knitting: Sock yarn and needles fit well into backpacks. Alpaca is really sticky in the heat, find shade. Superwash yarn can handle multiple washes to get the wood smoke smell out. Don’t bring the really good stuff, keep that for the couch at home. Knit in public in campgrounds, people love it! And google all the yarn shops on your route. It may drive your partner wild at times but it gives the trip some structure I say!

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