3KCBWDAY3 Knitting Heroes

I don’t tend to have “heroes” per say, maybe it is the effect of working in health care for so long. (One gets to see lots of people so close up and personal.) Or maybe it is about daily life and spiritual practice being one and the same –  it is hard to maintain another person on a pedestal above others for long if you are seeing clearly the interdependence of us all. Not to say there aren’t people I admire, and admire deeply. Judith Mackenzie, at the recent workshop I took with her, impressed me tremendously. Not that we had some kind of personal connection, I don’t think we necessarily did, but that didn’t matter. In fact, one of the things that impressed me the most about her was her generosity to the group as a whole. She appeared to appreciate every member of the class and reflected this to each of us individually, whether it was for our ability to spin, the enthusiasm we brought to bear, or the willingness to spend time learning together, to keep the craft going. So that’s a kind of heroism.

A colleague of Grant’s met Barbara Walker, who gave her this tiny amulet bag she had knitted. The colleague gave it to Grant to give to me in return for some knitting he had taken to work for donation. This colleague and I spoke briefly but will likely not meet or speak again, different walks of life and all. It was a nice appreciation, this little bag, and the closest to “knitting royalty” (whatever that means), that I will likely come to. Again, while I would likely be overawed and subsequently tongue-tied by Barbara Walker’s achievements if I met her I am not sure I would call her my hero. More likely a very, very interesting woman who has done many things, knitting and otherwise, and wouldn’t she be great to call a role model!

Maybe that’s a better way to put it than hero. Someone to inspire, or emulate. Though definitely not imitate, it is hard enough to find one’s own path, I surely don’t want to try to imitate someone else’s.


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