3KCBWDAY2 Photography Challenge

And a challenge it is. I am not pre-planning these posts, I hope it doesn’t show too much. My personal challenge with this event is to just get home from work and sit down and type. To try to wing it, try to loosen up. Anyhow, I kept trying to figure out how to present a project that was in use. Something being worn, or being utilized in some way. I got some very awkward shots of hands wearing mitts, some supremely unflattering angles on a sweater. Trying too hard! When in doubt, go with the absolute cliché I guess. The  hand knit that gets the most use in this household is my wonky knit/crochet blanket made of leftovers. I blogged about it before, how much I loved it when it was done, but it is a tad embarrassing if one looks at it with an eye for the technical details. Still, you can’t argue with success.

A six pound cat weighs a TON when he is unwilling to move. This is what I compete with when I want to stretch out on the couch and read.

And the photo has a bit in common with the blanket itself. Not technically much, but serves a purpose, I hope. It conveys that sometimes function trumps form completely and that is good enough for me.

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