A Tourist in Our Own Town

Sunshine and I had a really good day today. The sun was shining and we didn’t need a jacket for the first time in several months. We keep a list of potential activities and one of the things we do from this list is explore new neighbourhoods. Today we went to Fort Langley and did all the activities that they offer at this old Hudson’s Bay fort. There were real life people displaying some of the activities of daily life from the 18th century, including a blacksmith, a woman separating the chaff from the wheat and explaining how to make bread, gold panning and even the shooting of muskets, though no bullets were involved. I was thrilled to see the odd spindle and basket of wool ready for carding. Finally, something I could expound upon! Sunshine bore this with good grace. Lots of fun.

The muskets were loud, and apparently very heavy. They sounded very dangerous, especially to those attempting to use them. The re-enactors talked about how completely erratic their aim was, and the time it takes to re-load makes it better to consider using the thing as a club instead of a gun if a large predator is headed your way. We decided, as peace loving vegetarian Hindu/Buddhist types to stick to singing to scare bears away.

We found a stash of clothes in the big house that must have been meant for playing with. I am trying to look dignified, Sunshine doesn’t look convinced.

The blacksmith had an absolutely adorable bottle fed lamb following him around while he demonstrated.

A bit of sunburn and we called it a day. (The mango cheesecake didn’t fit with the pioneer theme but oh well.)

It is fun to play sometimes.

2 thoughts on “A Tourist in Our Own Town

  1. Carole March 25, 2012 / 2:57 pm

    Sounds like fun!!! Is winter really over?

  2. warpandwoofknitting March 25, 2012 / 4:18 pm

    Hi Mom; I THINK it is over, the flowers are out. I heard you guys got more snow though, and it snowed here just last week. So strange!

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