Finding Beauty

Grant works in a very difficult neighbourhood, about which much has been written. I have no intention or ability to write much about the downtown east side – almost every night on the news there is some cliche or other intoned, with opinions flowing about “what to do.” I am not interested in following that dubious tradition. But Grant came home the other day enthused about this mural, which is painted in an alleyway near where he works. I have been taught that in traditional Buddhist iconography  the many hell realms always have a small  depiction of compassion within them, a reminder to turn around and maybe this serves that purpose for some people. It’s pretty amazing regardless.

I was given a bunch of fabric many years ago, bits and pieces of bright rayons and bits and pieces of old robes, completely threadbare and worn. I couldn’t seem to discard them, and could not until recently come up with a use for them. The spinning workshop of three weeks ago really seems to have let loose a creative spark, and I am playing with ideas. I tried spinning the cloth on my wheel and it just wouldn’t go, even in thin strips, but on a spindle, wow did that work out. The next step is a bit of weaving just to see.

I think this will be really interesting. While it looks ropey it is actually very soft, with bumps and texture. I warped my wee rigid heddle loom and plan to experiment tomorrow. The idea of using found objects, or objects that have no obvious value resonates a lot. I don’t know if spinning and weaving is traditionally what happens to worn out robes, but it strikes me as fine.

Grant contributes another picture today, this from his long walk at Crescent Beach.  Someone was playing under the grey sky.

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