I Am Not a Stereotype – A Post From Sunshine

I’m Not a Stereotype… Maybe a Little!

Adults and many people my age think I am a “smarty-pants, goody two-shoes” Indian girl. I know I’m Indian, but I barely fit into that stereotype. We turn out that way because of what our parents teach us growing up. So maybe it’s not our faults for being this way. The stereotypes that surround you about us are usually false.

First of all, I am taken to be as reserved and “the good one”. Every time, I go to one of my friend’s house, I get the approved look from their parents. This puts pressure on me to be the one to shush everyone else if we are being too loud. Furthermore, why can’t I be the one without a parent breathing down my neck? Why can’t I be the fun one? It’s all because of an Indian girl stereotype. But, that is only outside of school. Inside of school, almost no one talks to me out of interest. I usually make friends through other friends, which is kind of sad. How am I going to make friends, if everyone treats me like a dust bunny in the corner?!

Secondly, I am a very smart Indian girl. Is this a stereotype? Yes. Is it true? If you’re referring to me, then yes, you can say that I am smart. Of course, when someone does talk to me, in my head I’m like,” Yes, a new friend!” The person sits down next to me, asks a question about the subject, and then walks away. Any hope I just had deflates, like a balloon. This is very frustrating especially, when I come home to parents that only want straight A’s. When I tell them that I got B+ on a quiz, they yell saying that I have to get into the best university and be a role model to my younger siblings. The exact same siblings that go around telling their little friends, that “our older sister is so smart and she is so cool.” Great, now I have to live up to my schools, parents, little sisters and their little friend’s high standards.

Last but not least, I am a robot. Apparently, I have no emotions and I just go through the motions of getting straight A’s, working and eating. This is absolutely not true. I like having a good time and laughing my head off. I can make jokes (not very good ones) and I actually have more than one friend. I think that why people see us as “robots” is that our parents work us so hard that all we know how to do at school is work, work and work.  We are so busy studying, that we don’t grow into ourselves and our personalities. I know that I can appear like a robot too. But that is because I grew up to be very cautious of people. My uncle once told that since I am a girl here in Canada, I am not protected by the status we have back in India. I never understood that. Although, I do understand if I continue being like this I will have graduated to adult robot. I already have spent 90% of my fourteen years of life in my room, so I need to start working on developing my own personality, pronto.

In conclusion, I don’t live up to this stereotype. OK, maybe a little. This can be a good thing, since I know what my priorities are in life. Or it can be a bad thing because I will never have more than two friends in life. All I know is that I’m still growing into myself, metaphorically and I will never think that every teenage Indian girl is what the stereotype says. Because, they always turn out different, I should know since I have two at home.

 (Sunshine and Grant, being incredibly focussed. Sunshine is kicking Grant’s butt in Temple  Run. Very serious business. )

3 thoughts on “I Am Not a Stereotype – A Post From Sunshine

  1. mikey March 11, 2012 / 7:27 pm

    This was terrific, Sunshine. I am studying stereotypes in a class I am taking, you provided a very interesting angle on it. Keep writing!

  2. Grant March 12, 2012 / 3:12 am

    Glad to have you as a friend! Keep on writing and playing Temple Run! Grant

  3. Rani March 14, 2012 / 1:11 am

    Sunshine keep up goodwork. You are smart girl because you know your priorities and work. One good friend is better than ten friends

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