The inspiration to jot down thoughts seems to come primarily from the “urban hikes” that make up my week. Today, the air just reeked of spring. The breeze was light and warm and that unmistakeable shift that can be hard to pin down has happened. Even if we get monsoon rains for the next two months, the change has begun.

Life has been like that lately too. After what has felt like a fairly long stretch of dormancy there is a shift towards movement. The minor nudges are insisting on being heard. That sounds obscure, and it is as hard to describe as that most definite knowledge that one has that spring is coming. What comes next?

The yarn pictured below is a wool/silk blend I spun up. It has lots of shine and beauty on it’s own, and took up space on my coffee table for quite a while just because I loved to look at it. Eventually though, it needed to be worked up into something useful and became this hat, and another with some little gloves for Mom. So pretty! It is kind of stretching the metaphor to go too far with this, but midlife is kind of feeling this way lately. Full of potential.

Mom was down for a visit and we had a lovely time. We spent a good part of it just wandering and looking a beautiful things, between the drive along the coast and looking at artisan’s work in the places we stopped. Neither one of us had a real urge to purchase much, it was just nice to see and appreciate.

Unfortunately we exhibited the usual family trait of not taking pictures! Next time.

2 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Carole February 12, 2012 / 2:45 pm

    All true! Just love the hat and gloves and do use them for driving,

  2. mikey February 12, 2012 / 4:53 pm

    Oh good! So glad they are useful. Love Michele

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