A Walk on the Dyke

Two days of heavy rain and all the snow is gone from our city. The temperature has risen from minus ten – ish, to plus seven and it now feels like spring. Pretty discombobulating over all. In Steveston there are loads of places to walk, the Richmonds dykes are a favourite. I met a certain person who had also headed outdoors, hmm a theme from my last post. We timed it to share lunch and then on to our separate adventures. The pictures are a combination of our walk and ride, plus, to remind myself that this is a craft blog, at least in theory, I tossed in a shot of my current knitting. Sunshine and I did some not – wildly inspiring bath bombs last week, I must ask her how they worked for her. (Mine did a bit of a slow, unassuming fizzle out. So sad when a more exciting bath bomb experience is anticipated.) Grant rode by the sculpture pictured below and took that shot. It is Chinese New Year in a couple of days, the upcoming is the year of the Dragon. It was really pleasing to hear that the creator of this spectacular dragon finally sold the piece. It is now seen by lots of passers by. It took a lot of time and discipline to create and is really something wonderful to see in person.

The mittens are adaptations of traditional patterns so I can’t really say I made them up completely but I don’t tend to use actual patterns for projects like these. I feel a sense of some connection with a long line of women doing an activity that has been quietly done for hundreds of years in the same way. The yarns all have meaning, at least to me. The brown and cream mittens are done with a wensleydale yarn given to my teacher, who then passed it to me. The cream is from a shetland fleece I found and spun after carding it at home. The grays are from a black corriedale fleece and a romney, both purchased locally or on some road trip or other. These mitts are practical, warm and very comforting to wear. Of course I will finish the dark gray ones in time for this warm weather…

2 thoughts on “A Walk on the Dyke

  1. Carole January 22, 2012 / 2:14 pm

    I love to hear about your life and wanderings. I remember a day at Steveston also and meeting that same man for lunch. Is it still as great to wander?

  2. mikey January 22, 2012 / 7:36 pm

    Thanks Mom! I get a real kick out this wee blog, it is a kind of discipline to try and put something together every week or so. I hope Sunshine is having fun too, I love her posts. Yup, Steveston is still pretty good to wander. We will have to go there when you come down.

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