Gratitude for a Quiet Year

This is the Buddha that graces my altar. I love the simplicity and the quiet that radiate from this small statue.


This is the time of year that prompts a bit of reflection. I tried to come up with the “highlights for 2011” and struggled with coming up with something that wasn’t trite, or simply a travelogue of our road trips. What kept coming up was gratitude for a year, that arbitrary space of time, that was just fine. A couple of colleagues have just lost family and we are sympathetic. So far, so good for us this year. Some people are really struggling with health. So far, so good for us this year. We had some opportunities for life to be difficult this year, but have been incredibly lucky that these weren’t borne out. So far, so good.

The Christmas season has a lot of oomph attached to it, and we are no different. I tend to miss my Dad this time of year. It is not like we lived close to one another, but every once in a while I realize I won’t be able to tell him the latest bear story, (we have lots of those) or I remember how his illness progressed so quickly. It takes an effort to remember to be still and focus on what matters, especially when work is stressful, obligations rear their heads and the details stack up.

The walks in the neighbourhood are rejuvenating and clear the head. There were woodpeckers in the same tree again today, I think they have a nest somewhere, this little family because I see them there a lot. Either that or the bugs are particularly good in the thicket of aspen and willow just beside our complex.



It’s darkening and will do so for a bit more, and then the turnaround. I wonder what the winter will do this year. (This shot is from an epic snow fall three years ago. Our driveway in the snow. We are headed down the road to the golf course to do a bit of city-skiing. Not bad.)

One thought on “Gratitude for a Quiet Year

  1. Carole December 17, 2011 / 2:27 pm

    Very nice!!!

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